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The good news is that Best Choice Drains & Plumbing is transforming Houston’s water quality one home at a time with more than 200 water treatment systems installed every year. Imagine healthier water that replenishes rather than destroys: odorless, fresh-tasting, less contaminants, and less build-up in your pipes and appliances. Some of our water quality solutions like our Whole House Water Softeners, Regenerating Carbon Filters, and Block Carbon Filters can even help reduce the severity of eczema and psoriasis.

With Best Choice Drains & Plumbing, your family will have the best of everything: highly knowledgeable plumbers and top-of-the-line services and solutions that include a complete plumbing assessment and warrantied parts and labor for your peace of mind.

Whole House Filtration Systems

One glass of unfiltered Houston tap water can contain up to 25,000 contaminants and twice the amount of chlorine as a swimming pool.

Best Choice can ensure that every drop of water you use at home is conditioned with a whole house filtration system. No chlorine or harmful byproducts in the water you drink, cook, bathe and use to wash clothes can have long lasting health benefits for you and your family. Call Best Choice’s licensed plumbers to help you choose from a top quality selection of low-maintenance filtration systems only available through licensed distributors.

Whole House Water Softeners

80% of water quality concerns that are called in to Best Choice turn out to be issues related to hard water.

Houston’s hard water is notorious for damaging everything from faucets and water heaters to skin and hair. But studies show that using a whole house water softener will eliminate minerals- like calcium and magnesium- to extend the lifetime of your sinks and tubs while leaving your hair softer and your skin smoother. Instead of taking a chance on a softener that may not be compatible for you or your home, Best Choice’s expert plumbers will help you select an NSF-44 certified system that is built to last and provides the proper water flow rate for your home per code.

Carbon Block Filters

On average, there are about 18 contaminants in Houston’s water supply that exceed the allowable limit.

When it comes to the water you and your kids drink, even one contaminant that exceeds the allowable limit should be enough for you to take action. Bottled water is one solution, but why go through the trouble of buying, storing, and recycling when you can have clean, hassle-free water right at your tap? Best Choice’s expert plumbers will bring you the latest advancements in carbon filtration, a water treatment technology that is NSF-tested, certified, and proven to provide the highest level of contaminant treatment for your drinking water.

FlowTech HOME

That stubborn film of limescale that you can’t get off your faucets, shower door, and appliances has now met its match.

Limescale buildup can wreak havoc on your pipes, water heater, and valves. If you’re constantly dealing with spotty dishes and a shower door you can’t see through, you likely have a good bit of buildup. Before limescale destroys your pipes and appliances, ask Best Choice about the revolutionary technology called Flowtech that works 24-7 to descale your pipes through a crystallization process. This chemical-free, no maintenance system also increases the flow and efficiency of your water supply by eliminating limescale – all while improving your energy efficiency.